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  • Maintance System (Basic Mecanical)
  • Maintance System (Basic Mecanical)

Deskripsi Jasa Maintance System (Basic Mecanical)

Basic Mechanical for Power Plant

Duration : 3 day

Content  : 90% theory & 10%   


Course Aims :

Basic Mechanical theory understanding is important to have by all members that works in power plant.  Understanding the background may improve efficiency and increase productivity.  However, most of all, understanding the basic theory will ensure that we make the right decision when dealing with technical failure or problems that arisen. This could make a big different in minimizing the loss.   


Course Contents :

•Heat Transfer and Combustion

•Introduction to Pump, Compressor and Fan

•Thermodynamic and Heat Balance


Minimum / Maximum number of delegates per event: 15 / 20

Key Elements :

The program consists of three basic Main Topics of Mechanical Engineer for Power Plant.  The three topics cover the basic theories that relates to mechanical engineering of Power Plant.  Participants must be involved in discussion of the topics to fully understand the concept of each topic.


Course will be delivered by three different Mechanical Experts for Power Plant.  The course will be a classroom lecture.  







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