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  • QC-QA System
  • QC-QA System
  • QC-QA System
  • QC-QA System

Deskripsi Jasa QC-QA System

QC (Quality Control) – QA (Quality Assurance)

System ensures good products are produced by the company with close monitoring of customer satisfaction. A good product is a product that satisfies the customer.

Key Elements Customer satisfaction and balanced quality/productivity are the key elements of QC-QA system, the system synergize between quality and productivity.

Activities With customer satisfaction in mind, we have to deliver a product that is acceptable to our customers. Since every customer has their own preferences, it is best to create different level of product quality.  Quality has its cost. The higher the level of quality demanded by customer, the higher the production cost will be. The products should reflect the price that must be paid by customers.  By creating different levels of product quality, we will have flexible products that can be absorbed by wide range of market. Our productivity will increase, while customer is kept happy because they get what they paid for. A satisfied customer does not mean that they will still be satisfied with the same kind of quality. Competition become more fierce as every company will try to improve their quality and reduce their price.  In QC-QA system, a manager should be able to continuously evaluate the competitors and periodically adjust their quality to either grab or maintain the market.  On the other side, QC-QA system should also be able to motivate production to improve its process to stay competitive in the market. Through the system, company will be able to analyze the market using reliable source of data.


3MI Consultancy Service On a weekly base, our consultant(s) will help the company to build a good QC-QA system.  We will educate all members on QC-QA tools that can be used to evaluate data collected. Project duration: 6 months

3MI Training Service

Duration: 4 days (distributed in 4 weeks) Content: 50% practical & 50% theoretical Course aims: to provide participants with comprehensive understanding of QC-QA system and how it is implemented in the workplace.  Delivery: classroom Minimum/Maximum number of delegates required per event: 10/16 Course content:

• QC system using AQL.

• 7QC tools.

• Listen to your customer.

• Monitor your competitor.

• Evaluate all your data for action. Minimum instructor qualification:  8 years experience of working in Japanese manufacturing companies with 5 years experience in Quality Control or Quality Assurance.


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