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Deskripsi Jasa Six Sigma

Six Sigma

Duration : 9 days

Content  : 70% theory & 30%   


Course Aims :

Six sigma (6σ) is a highly disciplined process-improvement strategy that helps companies develop and deliver near perfect products and services.  At this time, Manajemen Manufaktur Indonesia is colllaborating with IQI (International Quality Institue) has designed two unique "accelerated" six sigma training programs to help jump start their 6σ initiatives. The first is for certifying six sigma black belt and the second for certifying six sigma green belts. These two special courses will train your people in half the time required for conventional 6σ programs.


Course Contents :

•The Six Sigma philosophies

•DMAIC Road Map

•Statistical Process Controls

•7 QC Tools and Data Collection

•Problem Solving Methods

•Analysis of Means and Hypotheses Testing

•Solution FMEAs and Pilot Studies

•Kaizen for Continuous Improvement


Minimum / Maximum number of delegates per event: 15 / 20

Key Elements :

The program is typically presented in three sessions that are spaced over a period of eight weeks (we offer to customize the course content and when it is presented to fit the specific needs of our clients). Each session consists of three days of highly focused statistical training to improve manufacturing processes. In order to be certified by IQI as a six sigma black belt, a student must:

•attend all nine days of the scheduled training,

•complete all homework, tests, and in-class assignments,

•submit a written report on a successfully completed improvement project



Course will be delivered by A certified Six Sigma Blackbelt, assisted by one Six Sigma Greenbelt.  The course will include both classroom lecture and case studies. 

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